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Rekeying a lock makes it so the old existing keys will no longer work. In order to do that we take the lock apart and dump out all the old pins. Then we originate a new key (or use an existing key you have) and put new pins in to match the new key.
Keying alike is to make two or more locks operate with the same key. This should not be confused with Master Keying it's not the same as master keying locks. Even though you have one key that acts like a "master key" in the sense that it opens all your locks.
When you Master Key a lock you're making it so two or more keys will operate the same lock. It's possible to key several locks alike and have them also under a master key. For example, lets say you have five offices. With master key setup it's possible to have a unique key for each office and a master key that opens all five offices.
A transponder key is a Radio Frequency (RF) Transmitter Responder reacting to an electrical impulse of a reader constituted by a surrounding antenna. Transponder keys must first be cut to operate the vehicle then the key must be programmed into the vehicles computer in order for it to start. These keys can be expensive to make because of the special keys and the equipment needed to originate a new key or even make a copy.
Yes, if they are all the same brand of locks they can most likely be keyed to match the others. You can check to see if your locks are compatible with each other by checking to see if the key slides inside the key holes of the locks you want keyed. If the key will not go in a key hole you may need to replace that lock to key it alike.
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